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The Story of

Charter Transportation Logistics

Mission Statement

Provide affordable bus transportation to students enrolled at TMSA Charter Schools in Cary, NC and Apex, NC.

Our Story

Bus transportation service is essential component for many families and students when selecting a school in Wake County, NC. There are numerous charter schools in the area and most are unable to provide bus transportation services for its students. This gap creates many challenges for the families and schools in our community.

A family with students enrolled at TMSA Charter School was in need of Bus Service; upon extensive research and tiring searches they discovered that there were no safe, reliable and affordable transportation services in the Wake County, NC. Thus, we went on a mission to create an organization that would identify safe, reliable, and affordable transportation vendors and provide families in our community with an alternative to carpool when attending charter schools in Wake County, NC.

The Charter Transportation Logistics (CTL or MyCTL) organization has a vision to provide safe, reliable, and affordable services to families in our communities. Our primary objective is to help and support families with students enrolled in charter schools by eliminating the logistical challenges of carpool and student transportation.

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